UdGProfessional is a coaching project orientated towards highly talented and motivated students or recent graduates from the University of Girona.

Its goal is to enable these people to reach high-level positions in top companies in the EU.

What does
this project involve?


Una anàlisi a fons dels candidats i l'acompanyament curricular a partir del moment en el que entren a formar part del programa.

The project’s goals are:

  • Enhance students’ motivation.
  • Promote students’ creativity and entrepreneurial abilities.
  • Boost, improve and perfect students’ command of the spoken language used by the receiving company.
  • Undertake profile selection according to companies' needs.
  • Plan short stays (summer and holiday periods) to establish first contacts.
  • Monitor the work relationship between the candidate and the host European company.
  • Involve companies in academic activities via participation in fellowship/scholarship programs. Students will carry out part of their college program within the company's structures. Stable working hours to be agreed from the second year onwards.

Program Aims

  • To coach and develop talented students and graduates from the UdG.
  • These talented individuals will include not only the students with the best CVs, but also those with the most creative, innovative and business-like minds.
  • Improve our graduates' possibilities of finding rewarding work.
  • Train our students to become eligible for demanding positions in European companies.
  • Encourage students to return to Catalonia to share locally their training and experiences in Europe.
  • Foster a knowledge-based economy by encouraging the joint supervision of PhD theses by academic and business entities at European level.