Students and recent graduates

Benefits for students

UdGProfessional offers a unique opportunity for motivated and talented students to gain high-quality European first-time work experience with employment conditions that are appropriate for their academic level and skills. This will reinforce their self-esteem and motivation and promote the development of their capacities within a job environment and cultural context that differs from their own.

Students and recent graduates:

  • They will benefit from the support provided by the UdGProfessional's team at individual level; this will include coaching and help at developing the skills, capacities and attributes that are necessary for finding work in the European labour market.

  • They will learn about and come to appreciate different ways of thinking and working through their professional experience.

  • They will become part of a Europe-wide professional network of contacts. They will develop knowledge of different markets and will improve the language skills that are appropriate for the country they will be working in.

  • Their experience and education will be of great service to them when they return to their own country having experienced different working environments.

  • They will have the possibility to validate academically their experiences within the host company.

Candidates requirements

  • Graduates: to be in possession of an academic graduate degree from the University of Girona from the past five years.

  • Students: to be currently studying a degree course at the University of Girona.

  • To be a citizen of a member state of the European Union with permanent residence in Catalonia.

  • To NOT have formed part of this program in previous years.

  • To be registered with the UdGProfessional program.

  • To possess the functional ability to carry out standard educational and professional activities.

  • To have an English language qualification (minimum B2 level according to the common European reference framework for languages).

Candidates from other countries in which the official language is English or another foreign language are not required to present documentation regarding their ability in that language.

Candidates must give a permanent, personal e-mail address for notification purposes.

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