Benefits for companies

Companies signing the collaboration agreement with the UdG within the framework of the UdGProfessional program will be able to hire recent graduates and students in the full knowledge that: 

  • They are talented students/graduates that stand out in relevant aspects such as professionalism, communication and technological skills, entrepreneurial ability, etc.
  • They are coached and advised by the program’s technical staff, faculty members and a network of enterprise mentors who guarantee that the students will have the required profile.

Companies requirements

  • Register with the program
  • Sign a collaboration agreement with the UdG
  • Commitments:
  1. Accept the hosting of these future workers on internship contracts during summer and/or holiday periods, or during term-time.
  2. Offer further long-term work contracts (preferably for a minimum of two years)
UdgProfessional and Business model according